In the design settings you can configure most of the look&feel for aCalendar.

But some additional settings which also affect how aCalendar looks like are located in the event display settings and the calendar view settings.

Last but not least, your calendar colors are configurable in the calendar list.

The following design settings are available:

  • Font size, configures font size for events (also consider changing the display font size in Android settings if you generally want fonts smaller or bigger across most apps)
  • Theme color, configures the base color (action bar, headlines, mini-overview, etc.)
  • Background, to set a light, dark or black background
  • Today color, sets the color to highlight today's date
  • Accent color, sets the color of buttons and clickable text (not yet available)
  • Style for highlighting today, to mark either the full day or only the date (week and month view)
  • Shading, allows to shade the background for weekends or alternating (week and month view)
  • Solid Colors, to display all day events with a solid background instead of using the event color only for the front (not for dark themes)
  • Grid, shows grid lines in week and month view
  • Moon phase, to display the moon phase on days of full, new and half moon.