In view settings you can configure details for each view:

Please, also see the Event Display settings for configuring details about how events are displayed in the different views.

You'll find the following settings:

  • Start View: lets you choose which view to start the app with, note that when starting the app from a widget, the widget's settings are used
  • Day
    • Visible Range: the hours that you can see in day view (and which are offered for adding new events by long pressing), also events that end during the off/night hours are not shown as multi-day event
    • Mini-Overview: show the mini-week or mini-month view in the bottom right corner (tap to toggle between week and month overview)
    • Birthdays: show birthdays in large
  • Week
    • Week layout: align the days along the short or long edge of the device, i.e. in portrait mode short edge means horizontally and long edge vertically aligned, and vice versa in landscape mode 
  • Month
    • Photos: show bidrthdays with photo if it is the only event on the day
  • Agenda
    • Show days without events: shows all days
  • Mini overview
    • Visible Range and visible day: lets you configure which days and times the mini-week shows