The calendar list gives you an overview over all your local calendars and cloud calendars on the device.

To access the calendar list, open the MENU and press Manage Calendars.


Calendars are grouped by accounts to which they belong to and for each account you can see the synchronisation status.

At the top you'll always see birthdays, tasks and holidays listed under aCalendar.

Calendars that are grayed out are synchronized as read-only to the device.

Calendar Configuration

For each calendar you can set the default color by pressing on the color circle in front of the calendar name.

You can enable and disable calendars with the check box at the end of each entry.

For each calendar you can make various advanced settings (e.g. disable in month view) by long pressing on the calendar.

Adding new calendars

To add new local calendars, new Google Calendars, public holidays or school holidays you can press the PLUS button at the bottom right.

For public holidays, there is also a direct add button on top and after adding public holidays, you will be prompted for school holidays, if available.

Birthdays and Tasks

While these are not calendars, their visibility and color (for birthdays) can still be configured in the calendar list. Task color can be configured per task list in the tasks management.

Further birthday and tasks configurations can be made in settings.