The calendar list gives you an overview of all your local and cloud calendars on the device.

To access the calendar list, open the MENU and press Manage Calendars.

The shown calendars are grouped by accounts to which they belong to. For each account, you can see the synchronization status right next to it. The synchronization itself can be configured in the Android account settings (this is also linked to the menu of the calendar list).

At the top, you'll always see aCalendar's birthdays and anniversaries, tasks, holidays and special days.

Calendars that are grayed out are synchronized as read-only to the device.

Adding new calendars

To add a new calendar please press the PLUS button at the bottom right. Following options are available: 

  • Holidays & School vacations (Plus Feature), please see also: Public Holidays
  • New Local calendar, which is only shown and saved on your Android phone. These calendars should be manually backed up by yourself, as you risk data loss when your device breaks or gets lost. Please see: Using local calendars
  • New calendars in your Google account

Calendar Configuration

You can enable and disable calendars with the check box at the end of each entry.

For each calendar you can make various advanced settings by long pressing on the calendar:

  • Switching on / off Event Notification, see also: Event notifications
  • Switching on / off Synchronization of your cloud calendar, see also: General Information for Calendar Cloud Synchronization / Backups
  • Setting your Default calendar for new events
  • For each calendar you can also set the default color by pressing on the color circle in front of the calendar name.
    Further information regarding colors can be found here: Event and calendar colors.
    Task color can be configured per task list in the tasks management.
  • Switching on / off calendar in month view for having only the most important calendars in your monthly overview.
  • Renaming calendar
  • Deleting calendar: You will be asked to confirm deletion. Though for Birthdays and anniversaries, Tasks and Default calendars (Cloud calendars have usually one default calendar) deletion is not possible.
  • For Tasks you can decide if finished tasks should be shown in calendar views. See also: Tasks in calendar views
  • For Special days you can configure which certain days are enabled / disabled.
  • Holidays & School vacations can be marked as red, so that the date color in the calendar view will be red (like for eg. Sundays)
  • For Birthday and anniversaries and Tasks there is a link to directly go to further aCalendar settings.

Only for google calendars:

  • Switching on / off Synchronization of attachments (only for google drive files within google calendars, please see also: Attachments)
  • Sharing calendar: planned to offer setup of sharing for Google calendars directly in aCalendar, for more details please see: Sharing of calendars
  • Link to Google Trash Can (only google calendars: See deleted events in your trash)

Calendar list menu

On the top bar on the right corner you find an icon with three small points below each other to open some links:

Following links are sometimes needed by us for further debugging:

  • Calendar debug data
  • Event debug data
  • Data Repair Tool