Delete (with undo)

Events can be deleted by pressing the delete (trash can icon) button in event details. Upon deletion, you can undo while the details are opened. Afterwards undo is no longer possible, unless your cloud service offers an undo functionality online. aCalendar offers a direct link to Google Calendar undo in the calendar list for each Google Calendar.

Hide events in read-only calendar

It is not possible to edit or delete events in read-only (e.g. subscribed) calendars. But aCalendar offers to hide such events with the cancel icon in place of the delete icon. This is undoable in event details. You can toggle the visibility of hidden events in the 3-dots menu in the top right corner of all calendar views.

Mark events as canceled or finished

aCalendar offers to mark events as canceled or finished by long-pressing the delete-button. Such events are displayed as strike-through. This is undoable in event details. This feature is not yet available for all calendar types and not yet available for single instances of recurring events.