What is the app info?

The app info is a system-level settings screen, that exists for every app. It allows configuration for notifications, permissions, power/data management, as well as resetting cache/storage or default link settings. Sometimes our support may ask you to make adjustments in the app info for aCalendar, the Android calendar storage, or the Google Calendar app.

How do I access the app info?

There are multiple ways to access the app info

  1. Accessing the app info is possible on most (but not all) devices, simply by long-pressing the respective app icon on the home screen or in the app drawer.
  2. If this is not offered (or for system apps that are not present in the app drawer), you can access the app info via Android settings - apps (there you often need to turn on system apps' visibility)
  3. aCalendar provides direct access to the app info of aCalendar, of the Android calendar storage and of the Google Calendar app (or sync adapter). To open the app info go to MENUĀ - Manage CalendarsĀ - 3-dots-menu - app info.

Example 1:
Example 3.1:
Example 3.2: