With our different corner info modes, you can put important information into the top right corner of your day view and of each day (or just today's date) in week & month view.


Corner Info is a new top-level settings entry at the bottom of aCalendar settings.

The following modes are currently offered:

  • Day of the year (also optionally includes remaining days in the year for day view)
  • Alternative calendar systems (Jewish, Islamic, Persian, Lunar, etc.)
  • Shifts (or generally events)
    • max 2 events per day (can be timed, all-day or multiday)
    • shows the first letter and event color (unless it is an emoji)
    • must be in one dedicated configurable calendar¬†
    • you can configure to hide the event in the week and month overview
    • please contact us for your additional requirements
  • Weather (requires a subscription in separate¬†aCalendar Sync app, which is currently in closed alpha, but planned for public beta this summer)
  • Menstruation (mark menstruation and fertile days, use any emoji/sign/letter to customize)
  • Pregnancy (shows week+day, in month view only the start of the week is shown to avoid overloading the view)
  • Day counter (count days from an arbitrary start day)
  • Countdown (count days until an arbitrary day)

Several options are available:

  • action upon tap on corner info in day view (settings / open agenda / open underlying event / open any app)
  • only show today (to hide on any other day)
  • visibility in day, week, and month view

To request additional modes, please contact us with details about the use case.