Eck-Info ist ein neues Feature mit Version 2.4

With our different corner info modes, you can put important information into the top right corner of your day view and of each day (or just today's date) in week & month view.

The following modes are currently offered:

  • Day or the year (also optionally includes remaining days in the year for day view)
  • Alternative calendar systems (Jewish, Islamic, Persian, Lunar, etc.)
  • Shifts (or generally events)
    • only one event per day (can be timed, all-day or multiday)
    • shows the first letter and event color (unless it is an emoji)
    • must be in one dedicated configurable calendar 
    • you can configure to hide the event in the week and month overview
    • please contact us for your additional requirements
  • Weather (requires a subscription in separate aCalendar Sync app)
  • Menstruation (mark menstruation and fertile days)
  • Pregnancy (shows week+day)
  • Day counter (count days from an arbitrary start day)
  • Countdown (count days until an arbitrary day)

 To request additional modes, please contact us with details about the use case.