Hotfix 2.4.8 (Google.Free.BETA)

  • Fix crash on Android 11
  • Fix problem with in-app-purchases  

Hotfix 2.4.7

  • adapt for Android 10/11 scoped storage (prepage for removal of storage permissions)  
  • fix problems with attaching Google Drive docs/sheats
  • fix problems with exceptions to timed recurring events in UTC timezone
  • fix problems with setting up recurring events with different date in local and event timezone 

Hotfix 2.4.6 (Google.Free.BETA)

  • fix problems with Google Tasks sync

Hotfix 2.4.5 (Google.Free)

  • fix problems with in-app-purchases
  • fix problems with full screen ads
  • minor bugfixes

Hotfix 2.4.4 (Release.Amazon/Huawei)

  • adjustments for Amazon/Huawei
  • minor bugfixes

Hotfix 2.4.3 (Release.Google)

  • fix month printing for months spanning over 6-weeks 
  • fix sorting in calendar selection in settings
  • fix problem with broken Exchange birthday events on next day
  • fix event color dialog issue for local calendars

Hotfix 2.4.2 (BETA)

  • fix constant widget refresh issue (2.4.1 only) in Android 5&6
  • performance improvements
  • fix editor icon colors for Android 5&6

Hotfix 2.4.1 (BETA)

  • Fix Google Tasks sync issue and crash
  • add agenda print layout with year view, e.g. for Birthdays
  • Honor app settings start of week and day range in print layouts
  • Make timed recurring events' end date inclusive
  • distinguish between no events and no further events when today's past events are hidden



  • Fix sharing of Google calendars
  • Select to open app in widget profile ALL, when it is not the default profile
  • Fix Google Drive photo upload
  • Google attachment sync duplication issue
  • Fix unwanted extra notifications after the event
  • Fix problem when moving events between calendars on Huawei devices
  • Fix Google Tasks sync not working when there is a list with empty name