Popup-menus are black text on dark background (S20/S21 series only)

This is an S20/S21 firmware bug. We cannot reproduce this on our S20 (cloud-testing) devices, so it's very hard to identify which of our theme-settings is triggering the bug. To fix this issue, please toggle the dark mode setting for the Android (One UI) desktop background. Sometimes restarting the device after changing the dark mode settings is required.

For version 2.5 (currently in our beta channels) we solved this by hard-coding the background color (instead of using the system color as it should be).

Floating app icon cannot be removed

Please configure this in Android Settings > Advanced Features > Smart Pop-Up View

Calendar app icon is changed to tasks app icon

Problem: When enabling the tasks app icon or whenever the app is updated, the first aCalendar app icon added to your home screen will change to the tasks app icon. 

Status: This is a bug in Samsung's One UI 2 launcher. We have already informed Samsung about this and we are hoping for a bug fix soon. UPDATE July 1, 2020: this is fixed with version 11.xxx of the One UI 2 launcher - currently the fix is only available on Samsung's Galaxy Store and not yet in Google Play.

Workaround: You can avoid this issue by moving the (first added) aCalendar calendar app icon to a page at the far right of your home screen and add another app icon to your primary home screen. Alternatively (in case you don't need the tasks app icon), simply deactivate the tasks app icon under settings - tasks