aCalendar offers a complete package with all features and no ads as aCalendar+ or your can upgrade single features as IAP (in-app-purchase).

All purchases are one-time payments (no subscriptions) and valid on all your devices with no time-restriction.

Currently there are 5 single features, which combined are equivalent to aCalendar+ (Ad-free, Tasks, Business Features, Colors, Holidays).

aCalendar+ is usually only offered as separate paid app, which has two advantages:

  • smaller APK size, as the libraries for IAPs and ads are not required) 
  • access to Google Play family library (for purchases after July 2, 2016)

Under certain circumstances (e.g., prior purchases of single features or sales), we also offer aCalendar+ as IAP.

Upgrading to aCalendar+ as IAP gives you no access to the paid app aCalendar+.

Purchasing aCalendar+ as paid app, does not unlock features in the regular version.

When reinstalling the app, please make sure to install the correct version (aCalendar+ if you purchased the paid app or aCalendar if you made IAPs).

If your prior purchase is not detected, make sure to use the same account as you used for purchasing the app.

If you purchased at Amazon App Store before, you need to reinstall from Amazon App Store - you cannot transfer licenses between Amazon and Google.

We do not offer IAPs at Amazon App Store.