Just like you do not store all your files in one huge folder, it is strongly recommended to organize your events into multiple calendars, e.g. private, work, family, sports, etc.

Using multiple calendars has many advantages and no real disadvantage:

  • color coding: you can assign a color to each calendar and also later change the color with one click (as opposed to manually color-coding each event)
  • filtering: you can view single calendars or subsets of all your calendars in each view or widget (using profiles)
  • You can turn off visibility in month view for select calendars (via the calendar list) 
  • sharing: you can share a calendar with friends, family or coworkers

When creating a new event, simply select the calendar at the top of the screen. The default calendar for new events can be set in the calendar list (MENU - manage calendars) by long pressing the calendar.

The calendar to which an event belongs, is always given in the event details.