aCalendar offers 7 widgets for the home screen:

  1. Agenda Widget - a list of upcoming events
  2. Date Widget - like an app icon, but also shows the date and configurable subtext
  3. Day Widget - like the app's day view
  4. Week Widget - like the app's week view, also possible as floating (starting today)
  5. Month Widget - like the app's month view, possible to start in the current week or show the full month
  6. Hybrid Widget  - showing a month view on top and the selected date's events as list at the bottom
  7. Tasks widget - show one task list or all task lists from an account or all task lists from all accounts

All widgets (except the date widget) are themable and resizable (long press to resize) and support profiles.

To edit a widget please click on the three little lines at the top left corner of the widget.