The week widget brings the app's week view to your homescreen.


You have many options to configure its look and feel.

To open settings press the menu icon on the top left.

  • Profile: set a profile to view a subset of your calendars, defaults to the ALL profile, showing all your calendars
  • Start app in: sets the view to start the app in when the widget content is clicked
  • Start app on touched day: otherwise app starts in today's date
  • Always show full week: otherwise when the widget is resized to small sizes only 2, 4 or 6 days will show
  • Mini overview: select mini-month, graphical week or no overview for the bottom right corner
  • Transparency - defines how transparent/opaque the widget is, depending on the background image, high transparency can have negative impact on readibility
  • Background: choose between light, dark and black. Should match your homescreen background, especially with high transparency levels, as white background uses black text and dark/black background uses white text
  • Color Scheme: has impact on widget title and mini overview
  • Today: set the color for highlighting today's date
  • Show navigation bar: show or hide the navigation buttons on top to change the displayed date

Click Behaviour

  • click on any day to open the app in the selected view, we recommend to use day view, to open the app in the day which you click
  • click on the mini-overview to open the app in week view (or month view if week view is already your selected view to open in)
  • click on the widget title to open the app in the configured start view¬†