aCalendar requires the following permissions:

CALENDAR (read & write)

To work as a calendar app, it is necessary to access the phone's calendar data. aCalendar itself has no own data, all calendar data (local and cloud) is stored in Android (specifically the Android calendar storage). For access to the Android calendar storage, the calendar permission is required. You will be asked on start up to grant permissions to it.

CONTACTS (read & write)

Contact permissions are required to manage birthdays and anniversaries, as well as for linking events to contacts, inviting attendees or using a contact address as event location.

STORAGE (read & write) up to Android 10

Storage permissions are used for attachments. They are requested on-demand when attachments are used for the first time.

NOTIFICATIONS starting with Android 13

Starting with Android 13, notification permissions need to be granted to be able to receive notifications. We strongly recommend granting this permission. All notifications can be configured in notification settings.

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