In the event defaults and editor settings, you can configure the behavior when creating a new event.

  • Default Calendar, lets you configure which calendar is selected by default for a new event. You can always change the calendar at the top of the edit dialog.
    Default calendar setting

    Edit mode with 'Work (Gmail)' calendar preselected.

    Just click on the default calendar to change to a different one

  • Start timethe default time for a new event (that is not created by long-pressing on a day, where you explicitly provide a start time.)
    You can select: all-day, current time, next full hour, Custom.
    Start Time setting

    Edit mode with 3:00pm
    start time preselected.
  • HTML Formatting, allows to use HTML formatting like bold, italics, underline in the description field of the event (some Android devices are not fully compatible with this mode).

    HTML formatting switched off.

    HTML formatting switched on.
  • Default settings for timed events and all-day events:
    • Duration (only for timed events)
    • Default notifications
    • Visibility (Server-default/ Private/ Public)
    • Availability (Busy/ Free/ Tentative)

  • Autocomplete for title and location
    • history (uses your past event data in the same calendar)
    • contacts (used for contact linking / address-lookup)
  • Business details
    ... allows to remove unused features:
    • visibility (remove e.g. for non-shared or local calendars)
    • availability 
    • show conflicts
    • categories (currently only MS Exchange and davX5)
  • Advanced settings
    • offer hidden calendars for new event
    • close event details when editing
      ... this closes the event details, the popup with the appointment list in the day / week / month view, when editing, otherwise the event details view remains open.
    • Back-key behavior (save/cancel)