Synchronisationsprobleme / Auto-Start Berechtigung

In most cases when anything does not work correctly on a Xiaomi device, the AUTO-START permission (non-standard extension by Xiaomi) is not set for aCalendar and thus blocks various actions like notifications or tasks sync.

The auto-start permission can be set in Android/Xiaomi settings under Security - Permissions.

Hintergrundfarbe / Dunkelmodus erzwingen

Bitte schalten Sie Xiaomis Force Dark Mode für aCalendar aus und verwenden Sie stattdessen aCalendars eigenen Dark Mode (Einstellungen / Design).

Widget reagiert nicht

For widgets not responding with 3rd party launchers please activate the following setting:

Android Settings - Apps - Manage apps - aCalendar - Other permissions - Display pop-up windows while running in the background

(see here for more details about this Xiaomi bug

App Icon fehlt/verschwindet

This is most likely a bug in Xiaomi's App Vault / Info Assistant, we recommend to simply disable it, see here for instructions: 

Falsches Benachrichtigungs-Icon

If you see the aCalendar app icon instead of the event, tasks, birthday, or date notification icon, please set the notification style in Xiaomi settings to Android (not MIUI).