• DarkMode, TrueBlack-Mode, Auto-Modes are now FREE
  • Design options for timed/all-day events/birthdays
  • Show instance count for event series with limit specified by COUNT
  • improved display of complex weekly recurrences in event view
  • add Today button in date picker
  • use primary calendar of account for new event when in account-profile
  • option to hide declined events
  • mark settings entries linking to other settings pages or to system settings


  • fix issue with Google account permission request
  • fix splash in dark mode
  • fix Hebrew Calendar
  • fix min task priority compatibility issue with caldav
  • fix issue with imported calendar entries from Evernote
  • fix 0-length event at column border in landscape day view
  • auto-verification of calshare link opening
  • improve search screen behaviour upon editing
  • fix ICS Import: alarms that are 1 day or more before the event

Hotfix 2.6.1:

  • fix issue with local attachments on Android 12+
  • fix issue with manual settings import on Android 12+
  • fix issue with subtasks in multi-list position view
  • use default calendar for new events in account profile (instead of account's primary calendar), if default calendar belongs to this account