hotfix 2.5.3

fix problems with MS To Do

fix dark background issue on S2x devices in auto-completion

improve click-area of map/call icons in agenda widget

fix notifications that are due when device is powered off

show long timed events in year view

hotfix 2.5.1

The first service release for the 2.5 series fixes multiple (hopefully all) reported issues (in case your Google Tasks account was turned off you still need to manually turn it on again, but suspended accounts can now be turned on as well). If you reported an issue and it is not fixed with 2.5.1, please contact us again.  



  • Events
    • hide non-deletable events (stored in read-only calendars)
    • strike-through events (to mark as canceled or finished) 
    • navigate between days in details popup by tapping on the title (left/right)
    • undo option for clear button in location and description field
    • support Gmail's new event with attendee action
    • offer notification at the end of an event
    • read-support for davx5 URL field
  • Tasks
    • Tasklists in events
    • Local tasks 
    • import/export (VTODO)
    • Microsoft To Do
    • Google tasks on devices without Google Play Services (Amazon, Huawei)
    • more display options (number of lines, spacing, relative date)
    • Priorities
    • more multi-selection actions (priority, due, move, copy)
  • Corner Info
    • Shift/Event view with flexible number of characters
    • Menstruation with configurable length
    • Lunar calendar showing month on the first
  • Profiles
    • include tasks in Account profile
    • single-calendar profiles use their calendar as default for new events
  • Notifications/Settings
    • import/export of app settings
    • more re-notify options
    • force portrait orientation
    • custom day shading for week and month view (additionally to weekend and auto-pattern)
  • Printing
    • direct print option from birthday list


  • Android 11 crash on start caused by 3rd party library
  • popup with dark background in light theme caused by Samsung S2x firmware bug
  • orientation change resets selected calendar in editor
  • fix Android 12 widget/notification actions