What is aCalendar Store?

aCalendar Store is a content app providing sports, holiday and other calendar content.

You can view any content for free in the aCalendar Store app. Subscribing to calendars (so that you see events in your calendar app) is a paid subscription feature though.

Where can I get aCalendar Store?

aCalendar Store is only available on Google Play. You can download it from 

Do I need to pay for each calendar?

No, the aCalendar store subscription is a flat-rate, you pay the same small annual fee, no matter how many calendars you subscribe to.

Why is there no one-time payment?

We as Tapir Apps have no own calendar content (except for the holidays and school holidays offered directly in aCalendar). All content in aCalendar store is from an external content provider that aggregates calendars from many different sources worldwide. A one-time fee is not offered by our content provider.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel an existing subscription in Google Play (app or homepage) under MENU - subscriptions. You'll find a deep link to manage your aCalendar Store subscription in the aCalendar Store MENU. You can also renew a canceled subscription there.

Can I sync to Google Calendar or other cloud services?

No, unfortunately, this is not offered.

There is a wrong or missing date - what can I do to fix it?

Please contact us with details and ideally a link to an official source.

Can you add a specific calendar?

Please contact us with details and we can ask our content provider if this is possible.

How can I fix synchronization issues?

If the aCalendar Store app itself does not show any data, please check your network connectivity and firewall settings.

If the aCalendar Store app works, but synchronization to your calendars does not work, please check background restrictions, energy-saving settings and on Xiaomi or Huawei (and some other Chinese manufacturers') devices also enable auto-start.