2.1.5 (in beta)

  • add support for attachments from MS OneDrive (these are not synced, but we plan to add a link to the file in the event description)
  • ignore broken (UTC) timezone from Google Calendar
  • fix date picker layout in landscape mode
  • fix settings deep links (tasks/birthdays)
  • fix crash when editing events with null timezone
  • update holidays, school holidays, election dates
  • fix problem with different widgets' click events interfering with each otherĀ 
  • fix timed task icon display in day view
  • fix month title missing in multi-copy
  • fix click on mini overview with double-tap action enabled
  • filter duplicate anniversaries from google's contacts calendar
  • update androidx libraries (fixes scroll issue in long popup menus)


  • fix timezone issues (DND, repeat, different days)
  • fix sort of grouped overdue tasks in calendar views
  • fix crash on first start
  • fix sync issue with Office 365 for recurring events
  • fix issue with unpinning birthdays older than 7 days
  • fix long press on week/month whith double-tap ON
  • fix event creation date / timezone issues
  • fix RTL issue with birthday list


  • improved handling of default calendar colors
  • some more non-standard birthday formats supported


  • NEW automatic background based on Android system dark/night mode
  • NEW option to gray out past events
  • NEW options for timezone handling
  • restructure design settings
  • fix problem with content purchased as IAP in widgets
  • fix problem with photos in day widget
  • fix problem with HTML formatting active leading to crash in editor
  • fix problem with adding birthdays without contact


  • NEW default time options for new event
  • NEW re-notify
  • NEW swipe and long press gestures for date and time in editor
  • decouple birthday list from displaying birthdays in calendar
  • improve cold+warm start
  • improve memory usage
  • FIX issue with editor staying in recent apps when adding event from widget or editing event from notification
  • update/add holidays for DE/CO
  • update school holidays for AT/FR/NL
  • NEW show week numbers in date picker


  • FIX crash


  • FIX crash due to broken settings value for notification screen-on
  • NEW turn screen on for notifications
  • support 10 additional non-standard birthday formats
  • notification snooze up to 7 days
  • notification snooze persistant over device reboot
  • notification snooze offered from event detail screen after opening the app from the notification
  • notification snooze editable in event details
  • FIX search problems (scroll to oldest, not loading)
  • NEW highlight search query in results
  • new google CALENDAR colors
  • improve widgets for Samsung landscape launcher mode
  • NEW mark recurring events and tasks