The hybrid widget offers a combination of month view (top) and agenda view (bottom).


You have many options to configure its look and feel.

To open settings press the menu icon on the top left.

  • Profile: set a profile to view a subset of your calendars, defaults to the ALL profile, showing all your calendars
  • Transparency - defines how transparent/opaque the widget is, depending on the background image, high transparency can have negative impact on readibility
  • Background: choose between light, dark and black. Should match your homescreen background, especially with high transparency levels, as white background uses black text and dark/black background uses white text
  • Color Scheme: has impact on widget title
  • Today: set the color for highlighting today's date
  • Accent: sets the color of the add button
  • Font size: adjusts the font size
  • Card Design: ON shows each event on a card like in the app, OFF show events plain on the background
  • 2-line text display: use line break to a second line for longer event titles

Click Behaviour

Top/Month part

  • click on the widget title to open the app in the configured start view¬†
  • click on a date to show the day's details in the bottom/agenda part
  • double click on a date to open the app in the corresponding day view
  • double click on a week number to open the app in the corresponding week view

Bottom/Agenda part

  • click on an event to open the agenda view with the selected event opened
  • click on the date to open day view