Das vollständige Changelog gibt es nur auf Englisch, hier gibt es eine automatische Übersetzung: Google Translate.


  • fix problem with large system font size ignored
  • improve layouts (editor, date picker) for large font sizes
  • fix problem with undoing drag and drop for recurring events
  • workaround for invisible notification text in Samsung night mode


  • fix birthday/task notification issues on Android 5
  • auto-remove notifications of events that were deleted on a different device (or in a different app) (Android 6+)
  • offer UTC/GMT as event timezone
  • better update widgets when aCalendar wasn't started after device reboot (Android 7+)
  • update Swiss holidays

2.2.5 (beta-only)

  • fix crash in event loading / missing events (mostly for caldav based calendars)

2.2.4 (beta-only)

  • NEW basic spam filter for Google Calendar, see spam in your calendar for details
  • offer manual notification text color (e.g. as workaround for night mode bug in Samsung OneUI)
  • fix event details dialog not opening (incompatibility between Google consent library and firewall without root)
  • fix drag and drop for some types of recurring events
  • fix notifications of just deleted / moved recurring events
  • fix order of event notifications
  • fix notification for recurring all-day tasks
  • fix problem with open tasks (DUE after START)
  • fix swipe on due date in tasks editing
  • allow to create timed task by long pressing - new timed event - press space
  • fix landscape date picker on some devices
  • re-add back-as-save option
  • add support for tel: and tel:// phone number style in location field
  • update Berlin holidays


  • fix empty event details dialog issue on Android 5-7
  • fix missing Exchange events (this is mainly caused by a sync fault in your Exchange adapter. The sync issue is outside of aCalendar, so we cannot fix this, best contact us if you experienced this issue)
  • fix display of recurring timed tasks in future
  • update Turkish holidays
  • update Austrian school vacation


  • fix crash in event details
  • fix cursor jumping in editor when HTML editing is on
  • fix rotation of settings in dark mode
  • fix problem with tasks re-ordering


  • don't show events as conflict to themselves
  • fix open cloud attachments 
  • multiple actions for tasks
  • fix translations (fi, ptBR)
  • fix week widget for RTL languages
  • several minor optimizations


  • Improved sticky date notification with new options
  • Fixes for edge-swipe day view in editor
  • updated libraries to fix some AndroidX bugs
  • Fix birthday search
  • Fix display of long timed events in month view (one day too long)
  • Improvements for Android Q
  • show conflicts in event editor
  • drag from left side to show day view in editor
  • improved Drag and Drop with new options
  • improved search/agenda
  • updated holidays / school vacation (NEW: Czech Republic)