• improve print layouts
  • add location to agenda print layout
  • allow 2 shifts/events per day in corner mode


  • Corner Info(beta)
    • Day of year / Day number
    • Shifts / Events
    • Alternative Calendar systems (Jewish, Islamic, Persian, Lunar, etc.)
    • Menstruation
    • Pregnancy
    • Day Counter
    • Countdown
  • Printing (beta)
  • PDF export (beta)
  • ICS export of calendars (beta)
  • CSV/Excel export of calendars (beta)
  • custom week numbers
  • online updateable holidays
  • Pure white/black theme
  • improved handling of video calls (Meet, Teams, Goto-Meeting, ...)
  • set UID for imported events to be able to handle updates 


  • Fix sharing of Google calendars
  • Select to open app in widget profile ALL, when it is not the default profile
  • Fix Google Drive photo upload
  • Google attachment sync duplication issue
  • Fix unwanted extra notifications after the event
  • Fix problem when moving events between calendars on Huawei devices
  • Fix Google Tasks sync not working when there is a list with empty name