HOTFIX 2.3.4

  • re-enable Google Drive integration
  • add Google Drive Upload option for local files in Google Calendars

HOTFIX 2.3.3 (beta-only)

  • fix Google Tasks sync issue

HOTFIX 2.3.2 

  • fix crash on start
  • fix several minor / low-frequency bugs

HOTFIX 2.3.1

  • Google Tasks manual sort issues fixed
  • Huawei duplicate notifications prevented
  • Fix problem with Google past-event refresh


  • Share Google Calendars directly from aCalendar
  • Rewritten Google tasks sync
  • Extend Google Calendar sync timeframe (past and future)
  • Category support for Exchange and davX5
  • new agenda widget option ONLY TODAY
  • mark meeting organizer
  • new profile settings
  • Clear button for description and location field in editor 
  • support for recurring events every first/last Monday-Friday (sometimes referred to as first/last work-day)
  • per item overflow menu in calendar management, task-list management, and profile management
  • support for public and own Google EID event links
  • support for Google calendar sharing links
  • show text length limits in title and description for Google events and Google Tasks
  • Samsung DEX resize support


  • Feb 29 birthdays and unknown year showing on Mar 1
  • Jan 1 birthdays and negative timezone showing on the wrong year 
  • importing single recurring event as ICS
  • search not covering all tasks
  • search briefly showing no-results-screen while typing
  • tapping on attendee with no local contact having no effect
  • Drag and Drop on long events
  • sending a pre-formatted text with the latest Gmail app version

Changes (known to us) to public holidays and school holidays are always reflected in each version. We also plan to implement online updates (without app update) for holiday data in one of the next versions.