If you want to thank us for doing your QA, please send us some devices.

It costs us a lot of time to make our apps work on Huawei devices with all their bugs, we really shouldn't need to spend so much money on buying test devices because of all the problems with EMUI and we don't want to block Huawei devices from Google Play like other developers already started to do.

If you need help with fixing your firmware bugs, please contact us.

Please - if at all possible - fix the following firmware bugs:

  • 9h delay for notifications for all day events
  • calendar alarm broadcast not whitelisted
  • EMUI launcher reports wrong widget size
  • custom font overwrites textview typeface
  • calendar event instances have random ms-offset
  • service for scrollable widgets killed and not recreated 
  • notification channel settings offer no notification sound setting
  • broken calendarcontract search